Key Features: SEO Manager

The SEO (search engine optimization) Manager built into each Specialty Toys Network site makes it easy to customize and manage your SEF (search engine friendly or human-readable) URLs.

SEF URLs. These are human readable and Google-pleasing URL forms that indicate what the content is, just from the web address. We provide a default setup we think works well, and allow you to customize them at any time using the SEO Manager built into your site.

You can easily create custom SEF Formulas for:

  • Products
  • Shopping Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • Content Articles
  • Ages
  • Gender

Manage Redirects

Lots of links to your old site? You can upload a set of “redirects” to automatically send customers to the right pages on your new STN site.


You can also push your site map and products to Google, Bing, Yahoo and; and manage your Google Analytics and Webmaster settings.

The SEO Manager supplements standard Best Practices, which are simple with your site’s tools:

  • Good product META Descriptions
  • Category descriptions – Categories are some of the most-found pages on a site.
  • Manufacturer descriptions
  • Page and content item META descriptions
  • Image ALT tags, etc.
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