The SEO (search engine optimization) Manager built into each Specialty Toys Network site makes it easy to customize and manage your SEF (search engine friendly or human-readable) URLs.

SEF URLs. These are human readable and Google-pleasing URL forms that indicate what the content is, just from the web address. We provide a default setup we think works well, and allow you to customize them at any time using the SEO Manager built into your site.

You can create custom SEF Formulas for

  • Products – example:
  • Shopping Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • Content Articles
  • Ages
  • Gender


Lots of links to your old site? You can upload a set of “redirects” to automatically send customers to the right pages on your new STN site.

You can also push your site map and products to Google, Bing, Yahoo and; and manage your Google Analytics and Webmaster settings.


The SEO Manager supplements standard Best Practices, which are simple with your site’s tools:

  • Good product META Descriptions
  • Category descriptions – Categories are some of the most-found pages on a site.
  • Manufacturer descriptions
  • Page and content item META descriptions
  • Image ALT tags, etc.