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PDBHub Overview


This program is called PDBHub™ (Product DataBase Hub). Through this system, we provide Automated Product Data Connectivity to Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce websites. Our Product Database contains over 1 Million products (and growing): digital versions of the items that Toy, Hobby, and Game stores carry on their physical shelves. PDBHub Onboarding includes connecting your eCommerce website to our PDBHub Retailer Portal platform, where you can easily control the matching & pushing product data to your site.


PDBHub Onboarding includes connecting your eCommerce website to our PDBHub Retailer Portal platform, where you can easily control the matching & pushing options for adding product data to your site. We also walk you through management functions to help you get the most out of your PDBHUb membership.


  • * Client may purchase additional work hrs if needed at the discounted rate of $300 for 4 hours.
  • All work is tracked as used. Worklogs available on request.
  • Work credit does NOT expire. Any unused time is available to the Client as long as they are an active STN Member.
  • Work credit is not refundable or transferable to another client or change of store ownership.30

Contact our staff for a free, no pressure call to discuss your project. We are glad to listen and exchange ideas in order to recommended the best solution for you – even when that means we recommend another provide. Our goal is to help you find the right partner and software package for your needs.

Product Data

  • Acquiring and Processing New Product Data: This is the process where: 1) STN staff contacts vendors on behalf of STN Member retailers, 2) works with the vendors to get good product data and images, 3) converts the data to proper database structured, digital content within the STN Product database. This is included for all active STN Retail Clients at no extra cost. Does not apply to data acquisition that is only intended for use by a single retailer. This STN Member service applies when product data is requested/supplied with understanding that any/all STN clients approved by the Vendor to resell the product can use the data. This service does not include any subsequent work that may be required to use the data, such as: custom product match-up work for POS data sets; exporting and importing data to be used in third party eCommerce platforms when not connected to the PDBHub system; adjusting the data to specific needs for any third party website platform.

  • Agreement of Use: Client agree that any use of product data, whether on STN website platforms or any third-party platforms must conform to any and all copyright terms as established by original content creators. Client does not have any rights to re-purpose the product data or product images for any purposes not expressly granted by STN or original content creators. Client cannot resell the product data in any form whatsoever. If Client terminates membership with STN, they agree to delete any supplied product data within 3 months of termination. Client may maintain a minimal membership level of $15/month for ongoing use of product data acquired through the STN Product Services. Membership prices subject to change at STN’s decision.

Full Site Design​ Services

Specialty Toys Network will design and implement a custom ecommerce website for your business! Contact us for a free initial meeting.

Full site design services starts around $1,800. Our experienced team has worked closely with hundreds of toy stores, and can provide you with advice on options, POS syncing, ongoing support and system training.  Your project costs may vary depending upon desired platform and features.

Call us to schedule a free meeting to discuss your needs. and available options.

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