An Overview of Specialty Toys Network

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Specialty Toys Network was launched specifically to meet the web needs of brick-and-mortar specialty toy stores. Our system lets you, as a toy store owner, quickly and afford-ably have a fully functioning e-commerce web site that you can manage yourself.

Specialty Toys Network Membership Features

[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]Custom site design. Each site is built to complement your store’s character.[/li]
[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]You have full control. You choose the products to stock your store, and you fulfill the orders. Editing products and pages is easy.[/li]
[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]A comprehensive tool kit. We provide you with powerful, easy-to-use tools. Create and edit pages on your site, organize your content, send e-newsletters, manage events, etc.[/li]
[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]We help you get ready to go live. We train you in how to manage your site. Our program also includes five hours of custom content time: graphics, product import from your POS, page layout, etc. Whatever is most helpful to you.[/li]
[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]We support you after site launch. We have a Ticket System to track issues or upgrade requests, and we’re always open to an email or a phone call. Our goal is to be prompt, friendly and helpful.[/li]
[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]You have access to a large database of ready-to-add inventory (what is this?)  We have over 310,000 toys in the database from 400+ manufacturers. Adding a toy from our database to your cart is as simple as clicking a link. You can set your own sku number, price, categories, description and images for any imported product.[/li]
[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]An e-commerce system that is secure and easy to use. We’ve taken the hassle (and a lot of the cost) out of creating your own e-commerce system. Upgrades to the system are provided to all current members.[/li]
[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]The system is customized for specialty toy stores. In addition to the database, we have a Toy Safety warning system that makes it easy to flag products with required hazard warnings. Our system is built so that it can be extended as new warnings are required.[/li]
[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]Advanced features. Flexible coupon and gift-card functions. The “Toy Finder” search filter helps your customers find exactly what they’re looking for.[/li]
[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]Promotional graphics. We provide manufacturer banners and seasonal graphics for you to download in our Customer Support area.[/li]
[li icon_name=”chevron-right”]Extra marketing tools. Running a great toy store is much, much more than stocking the shelves with lots of toys. We provide many extra tools to grow your business:  Events Calendars , Community Involvement … and much more..[/li]


Please take a minute to explore STN a bit more . . . we may be just what you’re looking for!

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