Key Features: Customizable as You See Fit

There’s no “one size fits all” solution to good web site design. So even though we’ve created a wide range of tools specific to the retail toy industry, we realize you need the freedom to change things to make them fit with your approach. It’s very easy to customize your site in a variety of ways. We’ve created tools that are easy to learn and use. If you’re able to browse the internet, you will be able to change your site to meet your needs.

Features you can Change

  • Site Structure – We work with you to design a basic site map, but you can also add, remove, or rename sections as your site grows. Managing your site structure is easy
  • Text and Images – Adding content is super-easy, and you can style your text however you please. Formats (Headings and Paragraph styles) have been pre-set to match the site colors and fonts, but you can override them on a page-by-page basis. If you want the presets changed, your Project Manager can do that for you easily.
  • Product Info – You like importing toys from the database, but you want your own details? No problem. You can change SKU, descriptions, add custom images, or modify a number of other features. You can also add your own products easily, which will exist solely for your store.
  • Shopping Cart – Set your own prices. Control your sale prices, create coupons, set up shipping. You can use your own merchant account, choose to receive payments offline, or we can assist in setting up a new e-merchant account.
  • Look and Feel – To change the look of your site dramatically will require billable designer and programmer hours, but it’s fairly common for people to want a ‘freshening’ after a couple of years. The charge is generally nominal, and lets you refocus your brand.
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