Key Features: FUNdamentals

In addition to attributes such as Age, Category, and Manufacturer, each product in your store can also be assigned attributes called FUNdamentals. These are the the particular developmental benefits each toy posesses, such as Cooperative Play or Logical Thought.


Each FUNdamental has an icon to represent it, which let your shoppers see a toy’s developmental benefits at a glance.

Additionally, shoppers can search for toys that meet specific requirements. For example, a shopper could search for for a Musical Toy (category) that is also good at developing MOTOR SKILLS (FUNamental), and they might see drums and xylopohones. If you’d like try searching by FUNdamentals, you can use the STN demo site’s Toy Finder.

Your FUNdamental icons will be colored to match your site, and you’re free to call the system anything you like. You are encouraged to rewrite the explanations of benefits in your own words, as well.

FUNdamental Categories

independence  1. Independent Play

cooperation 2. Cooperative Play

motor_skills 3. Motor Skills

visual 4. Visual Learning

language_development 5. Language Development

musical 6. Musical

creative 7. Creative Play

logic 8. Logical Thought

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