STN System Updates: Chiron

We are releasing a major system upgrade this month called “Chiron” (scroll down for naming info) –  it includes many new features which are designed to make your website product management life faster and easier… so you’ll have more time to site outside and enjoy summer!Some of the new system highlights include:

 num_01 STN Database In-Line Importing
The new STN Product Importer now allows you to have the same filtering, sorting, and searching tools that you have been able to use with the new  In-Line Product Editor.

 num_02 STN Product Editor Window
We’ve  updated the Product Editor for the shopping cart to be faster, more efficient, and easier to navigate. With the new In-Line editing system, you can customizable columns and edit multiple items at once. The detailed product editor now fully supports drag-and-drop image uploads. There’s a lot here, so be sure to checkout our help pages and training videos for more about the new In-Line Product Editing environment.

 num_03 Letterman Updates to support MailChimp and Constant Contact
With the new improvements to the newsletter component Letterman, you can nowconnect your email subscriber lists directly to the third-party newsletter systemsMailChimp™ or Constant Contact™.

 num_04 SEO Manager Updates 
Use the SEO Manager to create custom SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs and page titlesfor all your products at once. This will give you the opportunity to create custom web addresses for your pages and products that are easily readable to humans. This not only helps with readability it also adds search value to your pages. The SEO Manager includes many other tools for improving your sites performance.

 num_05 New Product Images and Videos Pop-up Window
When you have multiple images associated to a product, these images are now presented in a new pop-up window that gives shoppers the ability to view all images with a click of a button. Shoppers will also be able to add the product to their cart right from the pop-up. This window also supports videos you have associated with your products.

 num_06.png QR Code Generator
You can now easily print QR Codes for all of the products in your web store … in just a few seconds! These QR codes can be scanned with smart phones and redirect shoppers to the associated product on your site.

 (so, why is this version named “Chiron“? We think it’s more fun than


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