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[icon icon_name=”fa-lock” font_size=”24px” animate=”No” transition=”fadeIn” duration=”1s” delay=”100ms”]  Your STN eCommerce website membership includes web hosting with your own dedicated IP address and private Secure SSL Certificate. Private means this is your SSL certificate, and is not shared. Shared certificates are common, but less secure.

[heading tag=”h2″ main_title=”Yes” align=”center” uppercase=”Yes” line=”Yes” animate=”Yes” transition=”fadeIn” duration=”1s” delay=”100ms”]Your customers care about site security.[/heading]
Specialty Toys Network has partnered with Starfield Technologies to provide you with dynamic website verification with your own private SSL Certificate.

starfield-badgeYour SSL Certificate, installation,and annual renewal are all included in your STN eCommmerce Membership at no additional cost. 

The SSL Certificates include a $10,000 customers transactions warranty for complete shopper’s ease-of-mind.




[heading tag=”h2″ main_title=”Yes” align=”center” uppercase=”Yes” line=”Yes” animate=”Yes” transition=”fadeIn” duration=”1s” delay=”100ms”]Common SSL Security Questions[/heading]

[toggle title=”Fully validated”]
All Instant SSL products provide industry standard validation of both the domain name ownership and the legitimacy of the company as a legal entity. This is done even if the certificate is intended for internal use only and maximizes customer confidence in the security of the website. Without sufficient validation SSL certificates are simply encryption certificates, so weak validation undermines why a CA must be a trusted entity – why should companies pay for an untrustworthy certificate that consumers inadvertently trust?
[toggle title=”Trusted by all popular browsers”]
Your browser ubiquity is a key element when choosing an SSL provider. Instant SSL is inherently trusted by 99% of the current Internet population. This makes Instant SSL as equally trusted as more expensive Certificates from Verisign and Thawte.
[toggle title=”$10,000 warranty”]
We believe it is important to protect the end user. The $10,000 warranty insurance provided gives greater peace of mind to the customer.

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