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WooCommerce Customer Reviews Plugin

Your Customers Listen To Each Other

When you’re deciding whether or not to make a purchase, is there any better recommendation than the positive experience of someone you know? More than 90% of all purchases are influenced by social proof such as reviews, which means there’s never been a better way to grow your online business. Every positive review is a chance to turn your already happy customers into your FREE marketing team, so why not make the most of it?

We’ve partnered with to bring you this plugin at a discounted price. Use this link to purchase the plugin, and then we will apply a 15% discount for the plugin top your next STN invoice.

How it Works

  1. Verified customers are automatically invited to leave a review
  2. They can review multiple products at the same time, and the plugin does the rest
  3. You can offer discount codes to say, ‘Thank You’ and increase brand loyalty
  4. Your business grows every time someone leaves a glowing review
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