What to look for at Toy Fair

Are you going to be at Toy Fair 2012? So are we! We will be pounding pavement and talking with folks all over Javits.If you are interested in talking with us, this is what we look like, and here are several ways to contact us:
philip don kari
 Philip  Don Kari
 cell: 971-237-7425
 cell: 503-435-4852
 cell: 503-347-3495
cell: 503-474-7207
Feel free to give a holler or tap us on the shoulder if you see one of the team roaming about!
You can also call our home office, and we’ll transfer your call right to Javits floor!  

1 (888) 224-0122

Feeling Friendly?
Don’t forget about our “refer a friend” discount ! If you have a friend who signs up with Specialty Toys Network because of your recommendation, we give you both $100! So make sure to bring all those site-less buddies by to meet us. (There is no limit on how many times you can redeem this offer either!)

Looking to save some money?
Don’t forget to ask about our Toy Fair special ! You could find yourself with a brand-spankin’ new site – and save up to $380!

Specialty Toys Network
650 NE Adams Street
McMinnville, OR 97128

1 (888) 224-0122    |    sales@stoysnet.com   |   www.stoysnet.com

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