STN System Updates – Coupons and Tax Methods

Dear [NAME],STN has just completed some new updates to the system.

These updates are designed to help your promotions and workflow. New help pages have also been created to correspond with these new updates.

  • New Tax Method: Discounts will now be calculated before the tax is added. This means taxes will be based on the discounted price and not on the original price. Tax help page.
  • Non-taxed item: You now have the ability to mark products as tax exempt. This is primarily for “gift cards,” where you would want the tax to be applied when the card is used. Tax help page.
  • Coupons: There have been many updates to the coupon section along with the addition of a “Gift Card” coupon. We have also added begin and end dates for coupons.  Please check out all thedetails on the Coupons help page.
  • E-mail To A Friend: We have also added an email link to the product details page. This will allow the shopper the ability to send an email to a friend or family member with the link to product.
  • Contact Captcha: On the contact us page we have added an image code verification to deal with spam bots. This will stop spam that can be generated through the contact form.

These updates have been added to your site, and are available to you now. Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for you membership.



Help Pages




Coupons/Gift Cards

These articles are also located in the Help section in the back-end of your site.



Thank you,
The STN Team


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