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Dear [NAME],Thanks again to all of you who made it to the webinar today. We really appreciate your time.

Here are a few follow up notes from the meeting:

1. The session video is now online under the training archives.
It is called “Produc Safety Warnings webinar 12-4-2008.wmv

2. We’ve posted the Q/As from the session on our members forum, in the CPSC Warnings thread:

3. The Q/As are also listed below.

4. For members who also are part of The Good Toy Group, we will be forwarding a CSV file with warnings for the catalog items. Look for another e-mail with that info in the next day or so.

~ thanks.

Q: How can I see step by step what to do?

A: Two things:
1. View today’s webinar video
(Now available in the STN training archives. see above.)

Note: At this time the Webinar recordings are still only PC friendly… we still haven’t found a good solution for webinars that are cross platform.

2. Take a look at the help pages. I think they illustrate the process as close as we can get. We will be creating a new help page for the CSV portion, and will email everyone once that’s online. Here’s a link to the help page on the safety tabs:

Q: Are you planning another webinar once we get closer to Dec 12 and more alerts are available?

A: If we need to add another we will. We will be adding help pages to cover this information. 

Q: Does the warning need to be at the very beginning of the product description, or can it be anywhere as long as it’s there and readily visible?
Q: Is it enough to write the statement in the product page or do you have to load up the actual warning logo?
Q: If the browse page have an “”add to cart”” link, do the statements MUST be there as well? or is the product page enough?
Q: I have a custom programmed shopping cart… Do you know where I have to put the statement?

A: We can’t really address the legal part of the question. This system is intended to ease the burden of posting the warnings, but the individual store is still responsible for deciding how they wish to address the requirements. What the CPSIA of 2008 requires for alerts is pretty vague for websites, but in our opinion, as long as the warnings are positioned directly with the products, that seems to be what the act is requiring.

We’ve setup the STN system so that we can update the alerts and/or positioning of items if the CPSC makes specific recommendations. If you’re using our system to manage the warnings, you wouldn’t have to manually update each product if the CPSC makes a required change.

Q: Is STN planning to mange the safety attribute in the STN database in the future, or is this left to each individual, for legal reasons?

A: These updates are intended to ease the burden of posting the warnings, but the individual store is still responsible for deciding how they wish to address the requirements. We are working on what we call “phase 3” of this issue, which will be main database of alerts by each manufacturer. This will be tied directly to our master toy database. Please look for new information in our newsletters.

Q: Is there an easy way to find the safety warnings on these products? Just look at them on shelves and take notes? When you used the Middleton doll example you were able to look up the required safety info somewhere…?

A: The info from Middleton was sent to us in response to a general request we emailed out to about 900 manufacturers asking for their required alerts. At the moment, we are logging replies from each Mfg in the CPSC Info page: 

Again, these are efforts to take the burden off of each member. If you have not received info from the manufacturer then it is up to you to contact them or yes look at packaging.

If you have received alerts that you would like to share with the group, please forward them to us, and we will post them on the info page. To be most effective, we would prefer to receive XLS or CSV files.

Q: Just to confirm – is it OK to use the Regular Update feature (instead of Existing) if you did not export all of the fields?

A: Yes, it is okay, but if you have SKUs in your CSV that are not already in your web cart, those items will be created. We are working to have the “Update Existing Products” for the safety alerts ready by tomorrow, so if you aren’t sure about your SKU match up, you may want to hold off until that setting is ready.

Thanks from the STN team!

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