Henry Bear’s Park

A Tip on Mega Menus:

Henry Bears Park does a great job on managing their curated product presentation to customers via categories and MEGA Menu presentation. We highly recommend this store as a model for managing website product presentation, content and branding.

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Project Details

The name, Henry Bear’s Park, comes from a children’s book by David McPhail, published in March of 1976, the same month that our first store opened on Huron Ave in Cambridge. Since then, Henry Bear has become a favorite “go to” spot for Boston area families. With tremendous support from talented and dedicated staff, Henry Bear’s Park has earned a reputation (and several Best of Boston awards) for a great selection of children’s products and an exceptionally welcoming store environment.

From the very first infant rattle, right on through family board games, we strive to find toys that promote healthy and positive play. We believe that the best toys are those that engage and delight kids, toys that help children find out something about themselves and the world. We also believe in surprises, so while you may expect to see a great selection of Lego, Playmobil, Corolle dolls, Bruder trucks, and Melissa and Doug toys, you might not expect a Food Face plate, Ninja cookie molds, or jewelry that even Mom would like.

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