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The holiday season is approaching

Your store is all ready.  The shelves are filled with product, you’ve got plenty gift wrap & ribbon, and maybe extra staff. But what about your website?  Do you still have summer toys on the home page?
Your website is an extension of your store. It’s just as important to keep your site current with the season as well. For some shoppers, it may even be their first contact with you.  What do you want that first impression to be?

Specialty Toys Network offers easy tips you can use to help freshen your website and get it ready for the holidays:

  • Look at Your Site – Go to your home-page and look over your site. Check out all links to make sure everything is working. (banners, slide shows, social media, etc.) Post holiday hours.
  • List Products – Keep your product listings current and accurate. Feature new, seasonal products in your featured product module and rotate them out later. Keep your website in sync with your POS or other inventory management system.
  • Write about Your Favorite Game or Toy – Be a source for information, and help build your site’s SEO Value. Create a home-page posting, create content pages with articles, list award winning toys, product reviews, etc.
  • Highlight an Upcoming Event – Use an event calendar for scheduling events. Create teasers and links for  the event details. After-wards, write about how much fun it was and share images.
  • Create promotions – Feature them on your home page via welcome message, banner, or slide show- linked to a product category or content page with more info. Create coupons or discounts that support your promotion.

Need Help? Is your website easy to edit/manage? Is a new website on your wishlist? Contact us to have a new, custom designed website in time for the holidays.
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