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NON STN MEMBERS: Enter the domain in the GoDaddy Domains Search Tool to check prices, availability, and to purchase the domain.
STN MEMBERS: Email or Call your project manager. We offer domains at deeply discounted rates for STN Members.


Why is this domain listed?

Why does this domain have more value than a new domain?

HERE’S THE SCOOP: Occasionally, we have STN member retail stores of long-standing that go out of business. When this happens, the store owner may decide to let their domain expire. This domain may have a long history associated with it, and that history can be a valuable asset for another store.

HOW WE CAN HELP YOU: Instead of simply letting the domain expire, we would prefer to pass this domain on to another regional local toy store. It can be easily setup as a gateway page to let shoppers know that you are now the closest local specialty toy store in their area.

HOW YOU CAN USE THIS DOMAIN: Once you’ve purchased this domain, you can use it as your primary domain, or forwarding to your current properties to increase traffic from the domain’s history. You can use these domains to let existing customers of a business know that you are available as a good shopping option for quality toys.

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