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$75.00 monthly membership fee includes:

  • STN Product Import Tool
  • Unlimited Web Pages
  • Promo Banners
  • Website Hosting
  • System Upgrades
  • Ongoing Support & Training
  • Domain Registration & Management

$2,100.00 design & setup fee includes:

 $100 Down & Low Monthly Payments

  • Custom Site Design
  • Online Store Catalog Filled with Your Products
  • Expert Site Setup
  • Site Populated with Your Information
  • Your Own Project Manager
  • Site Launch


  1. Design of a custom web site based upon the Client’s requests.
  2. Navigation and design will be based off of existing layout options. Adherence of key components to the existing layouts will be necessary to ensure compatibility of site functionality
  1. Design of a customized site skin, including a Home Page layout & a Secondary Pages layout
  2. Specialty Toys Network master database management
  3. Creation of generic banner ad graphics within the STN default banner ad sizes.
  4. Up to 5 (five) hours of content population support during site development
  1. Ongoing website hosting at our Corporate 1 level
  2. 4 GB server disc space, 20 GB monthly bandwidth
  3. Server expandability as needed (may incur additional costs)
  4. Regular database backups
  5. 24/7 access to full visitor details and website statistics
  6. 128-bit SSL website security certificate (on e-commerce sites)
  7. Monitoring of STN forums section
  8. STN system upgrades at no cost
  9. Free customer service support
  1. The desired functionality and goals for the Client’s website
  2. High quality logo in JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PNG or PSD format.
  3. Desired domain name. (STN will register a domain on the client’s behalf, or if the Client already owns a Domain, STN will assist in updating Domain Name Servers.)
  4. Various assets as may be required to create the Client’s website
  1. A professionally designed web site using Client’s logo and color palette
  2. Content management tools for their site
  3. Web based training for using the system tools
  4. E-Commerce package (optional)
  5. Community forums
  6. 90-day unlimited phone support (available 9a-5p Pacific Time)
  7. Unlimited online support
  8. Continued system updates
  9. Program Membership support
  10. Website Hosting
Upgrade path: a non e-commerce site can be upgraded to an e-commerce site at any point in the future. The cost for upgrading is the difference in the plan cost ($850) plus a $350 upgrade fee, for a total upgrade cost of $1150.00. Upgraded sites will also require the e-commerce monthly membership fee ($95 per month).