Product Match-Up Service

We provide a service called “Product Match-up Service” that can assist you in getting products pulled into your website. A Product Match-Up  results in 40%-60%  of a store’s inventory (on average)  being pushed to their website. Please be aware of potential costs upfront: A POS match-up usually takes 2-3 hours*. This is billed at the STN Member service rate of $75/hour for actual time used. New STN members can apply “Custom Content Hours” towards this.

The product match-up works best when we get a POS report from you with the following fields. The Report should be in a CSV, Excel, or similar spreadsheet format.

Required Fields:

Item Number (your primary ID – should be unique to each product)
Item Name (Product Name)
UPC Code
Additional Suggested Fields: (these fields will enable us to double-check the matches & match-up more products):

Vendor ID
Vendor Name (Manufacturer’s name)
Vendor Item Number (Item number the Manufacturer uses)
EAN Code

Optional Fields:

Price (your Product Retail Price)
Category (your Primary Category)
On Hand Qty (Inventory Count)

Please let us know exactly what you would like us to do with the match-up results.
After we match-up your supplied Item Numbers with our Product Database, we can do a number of things. Please check the items that you want us do, and return the checklist with the POS report. The items checked below are the defaults, and we will use these settings unless directed otherwise.

_X_ Send you a report of the matches
_X_ Import the Matching Products into your web cart system
___ Unpublish the imported items
_X_ Update Imported products to use your POS Items Numbers for the “product_sku” field
_X_ Update Imported products with your Costs
___ Update Imported products with your Categories
_X_ Update Imported products with your On Hand Inventory

*A note on time: It’s difficult to give an exact estimate of how much time this process will take. Each store’s data is a bit different, and we have found it to take anywhere from 1 – 5 hrs. We will process your data as fast as we can.

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