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About A Child's Delight

“Since 1994 A Child’s Delight has been on a mission to help kids unleash their creativity with a wide selection of wholesome toys. In our store, the only limit to the fun and adventures a kid can have is their own imagination. We have unicorns that can lead children on a journey through an enchanted forest. Our books can let them envision an entire universe that’s painted on the pages. Or they can find a new friend in one of our cozy stuffed animals. Childhood is a magical time illuminated by the endless wonder of a child’s own imagination — we’re just here to help give them the tools they need to create.”

~ Jonathan Meyer,  owner and founder of A Child’s Delight.

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Jonathan Meyer, the own and founder of a Child's Delight

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Meet Jonathan Meyer, the owner and founder of a Child’s Delight.


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