Scammers and Fraud Alert

We’ve had reports of a couple different types of scams you should be on the lookout for:

Large LEGO Orders on Stolen Credit Cards
A couple stores have reported receiving several large orders for LEGOs. The orders have been around $300 each, and have been charged to apparently stolen credit card numbers that appear valid at face value. As one member reported, “The credit cards went through fine – everything matched. However I was still suspicious so I called [American Express] to contact the customers to verify the sale. One customer has called me back so far to say that he had not placed the order. Interestingly enough, I then received an e-mail from American Express saying they had confirmed the order with the customer!”

Some common features of the orders so far: all the orders are from yahoo accounts, have different ship to and billing addresses and the phone numbers are not answered and have area codes different than the billing or shipping addresses.

Suggested Action: Get direct confirmation from the billing party before processing the order. If it appears to be foul play, report it to the credit card company right away. Do not process suspicious orders until they have been verified.

Domain Service Notices
We have reports of unsolicited eMail and letters that at first glance appear to be invoices for renewing your domain registration. These are actually legal attempts to get you to switch you domain registrar service. If Specialty Toys Network is managing your domain(s) for you, the only invoices you would ever get will come from ‘’.

Suggested Action: Trash the solicitation requests. They are simply bothersome junk… unless you act on them! If you follow their ‘advice’, it could cost you plenty of time (and money) to restore domain services as needed.

If you can’t tell if a solicitation is valid, forward it to us, and we’ll let you know.